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There are two ways you can make a payment. Register a user of our website and have access to your payment and policy information each time you log in, OR make a payment without registering.

Existing Customers
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New Customers
Register an account with Founders to take advantage of benefits including:
  • 2 convenient payment options
  • 24/7 access to your policy
  • Print policy documents, including ID cards
  • Report a claim anytime
Unregistered Customers
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  • Want to make a payment without registering
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You will need your policy number and the current amount owed on your last policy statement.

Some customers have recently made payments for their Founders Insurance Company policies by using a third-party payment provider called Doxo. There are other similar online payment systems as well.

Warning: Founders Insurance Company does not partner with third-party payment vendors. We want you to be aware of the risks of making a payment through Doxo or another payment site:

    • You may be charged an additional fee by the third-party provider.
    • Your payment will arrive at Founders Insurance Company by check, several days after you make the payment.
    • This will delay your payment, and could result in a cancelled policy.

As a Founders Insurance Company policyholder, if you search online to make an online payment with us, you can easily be misdirected to one of these sites by accident. As you have made it to the Official Founders Insurance Company online payment site, we encourage you to save this web address ( , and use it each time you want to make an online payment.

You’ve made the best choice by visiting our site to make your payment. You can save time and money by enrolling in recurring payments, or make a single payment 24/7!